Monday, March 31, 2014

Your "Personal Travel Agent"...Mom!

Have you noticed when your Gen Yer travels, that if there's a glitch in their flight schedule they call (contact) you rather than the airline?
I had a son caught in the United craziness last week. He was in line at the airport, United wasn't telling them anything, he went on twitter, found out that others around the country were having trouble, but no real explanation. He called me. I too went on twitter, did a search, bingo. Computers down. Called Expedia they'd heard something about it, advised to have our son leave the airport, go enjoy himself and call United first thing the next morning. (He was lucky that he had somewhere to go and people to be with.) I got up at the crack of dawn to call United, listened to muzak for an hour, finally connected with a human being and our son was headed home by noon that same day with no fee. Lucky.
Several friends have been sharing travel tales of their kid's. Another, India! Another, Italy....Chicago...LA...DC...NY...the list goes on and on. The common thread, somehow or other we each got hoisted into the position of "personal travel agent!"  LOL.  
Another personal tale, another kid was in NY on business. Due to all of the bad weather, tornadoes, etc. it was hours before the flight was actually cancelled. All the passengers were hanging at the airport, just being led along with hopes that they'd take off. When it was becoming clear that no flights were taking off at all, I got the call, "Mom, can you go online and find me a hotel room? My phone is just about out of juice."
And I really meant/mean it. I love being my kids' go-to. Crazy? Maybe, but I wouldn't have it any other way! Are each of them perfectly capable of coping on their own? Absolutely! But if they can call Mom and know that they'll get on a flight, or a hotel room in a safe spot, why not? I know I'm not alone on this! 
Go ahead, chime in, I know you're dying to!    
In the meantime, I've got a couple of plane reservations to make!

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