Monday, March 31, 2014

Name change?

Changing your name? Getting a new social security card, because yours was stolen? Regardless of your reason, this may involve a trip to the Social Security Administration office. Our newly graduated-from-college son, had to get a new social security card (his was stolen in our burglary) before he started his job. It was on the list of things to bring to HR his first day. That's right, a J-O-B! He actually got one, with benefits! I KNOW!  Our newly wedded daughter made the decision to change her name, so the first "legal" thing one must do before she can make all the necessary changes (ie., Driver's license, credit cards,....Facebook, Twitter....Heres a link to a full list that's printable: Your married name change checklist) is get a new Social Security Card. Well, going to the SSA is not much different from going to the DMV. Lousy. So doing a little preplanning and filling out the downloaded forms beforehand, is helpful. The lines on the other hand, not much you can do. So look into mailing everything in. But that means parting with your passport for a bit. And of course you can't change your passport name without a new social security card....etc.,etc.
Since this is such a pain in the rear end, I found that both my Gen Yers resorted to bitching by text. I think only to Mom, but maybe not?! I suggested that their dissatisfaction with "only two people working at a line up of windows with 50 people in the waiting room, each holding a number and no numbers being called, and the clock is ticking 45 minutes AND counting... waiting, lunch hour is just about up. I've GOT to leave. I CAN'T believe this!" If a tweet out #SSA from a disgruntled taxpayer happened, do you suppose there'd be a response? Do they even have a twitter account (@SSA)? hmmmmm.... I wonder?
Just checked, doesn't look like it, but whoa! A LOT of disgruntled folks (#social security administration) waiting in lines. There must be a more efficient way!?
In tonight's news, a disgruntled Gen Yer, Molly Katchpole started a petition against the fees that the B of A was imposing on debit cards, and guess what? Social media seems to have made an impact! 150,000+ signatures, ABC News' attention.

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