Monday, March 31, 2014

The Great Post College Room Purge

One week since graduation and our daughter is just finishing what I consider one of the great benefits of graduation. Before leaving for whatever adventures the summer holds, a new job, travel, more school we have asked each newly minted grad to deal with their life's accumulation of momentos, trophies, and STUFF!
Finishing college marks a line between life at home and moving into the world. Even if graduation doesn't mean moving out immediately it is still a time of sorting and setting aside. It is also a time to pause, appreciate and laugh at the pieces of their childhoods still lingering in drawers and the backs of closets:
a first pair of soccer cleats, yes they're going out, no we're not bronzing them
tie dyed t-shirts from a middle school sleep over, also going out
the letters you sent to camp, back before email, yes we're keeping those historic documents
And school notes, trophies, softballs and hockey pucks, stuffed animals and countless other treasures. What goes and what stays is often determined by how many boxes you can store. Very few things will be taken to their new apartments but your home will be viewed as a self storage facility with extremely good rates. So be clear on just how much gets boxed up because you will still have those boxes ten years from now.
 The room has been crammed full with the accumulation of 'growing up' and now that they have achieved the status of 'adult' with a diploma to prove it urge your son or daughter to sort through and move forward.
Then you can have the fun of a room to do with as you want.

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