Monday, March 31, 2014

Is Your College Student on LinkedIn? Should She Be?

Beppie and I talk often about networking and its importance for all of us. Recently however we got a lesson ourselves.  A young friend told us about a conversation with her college career office about finding internships. The career counselor suggested she use LinkedIn in her search. She took the advice, created her profile and started reaching out to alumnae in the field in which she was interested. She also used this as a tool to contact family friends. Good news! people responded quickly and with helpful advice and leads.
Networking in the 21st century! It is as important as ever but the tools keep evolving. Here was a young person not yet in the job market who found that a business tool was of real help. By presenting herself in a professional way people responded to her in that way.
So are you up to date on LinkedIn?
The other interesting advice was to use a local address in the city in which you're interested in getting a job. Of course that works if you have a friend or family member that actually lives there and they don't mind if you use their address, but if you don't??? Hmmmm.....I'm not sure what I think about that. I understand, you don't want your resume to go into a black hole because the company prefers to interview/offer a job to someone who lives in their community and if you don't, you're at an obvious disadvantage, but...
What do you think? 

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