Monday, March 31, 2014

Should Your New College Grad Take an Internship or Keep Applying for a "Real Job"

Entering the work force today is a complex, ill defined journey. For those of you who have students graduating this spring get ready for the roller coaster they will ride. Here are just a few things we've learned from our kids' experiences.
1. Suggest to them that they use the college placement office but don't expect miracles. We have found very few colleges that offer more than lists, alumnae contacts and resume guidance. If your student's experience has been different please write and share with all of us.
2. Urge, prod and help them to use their networks and yours. Talking first with anyone and everyone who will meet them is step one to finding a job.
3. Be very clear within your family conversations about what your potential financial support may or may not be. I say family because other siblings as well as the graduate need to know what happens the day after graduation. Thanks to health care reform if you have health insurance you can probably keep the grad on your policy for several years. However this is not automatic, check with your carrier before they graduate. Also will you allow them to live at home? for how long? must they pay rent? will you help them with rent and living expenses somewhere else?
4. Internships are now a very real part of entering the job market. Some are paid, some are not but they offer an important access point to that desired "real job". Again talk with your grad about these options and do some research of your own to understand the legitimate ways in which internships have become accepted part of the job market. 
5. Stay positive, upbeat and consistent, your grad may be feeling very anxious about this transition eager to move forward but struggling to find a path or they may want to come home and just avoid the whole process. You are still the parent but you can't do this for them. 
Good Luck Everyone. 

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