Monday, March 31, 2014

Are we enabling?

They've just booked their Spring Break vacation with 3 other girls to a fun beach resort in another country. A friend of yours tells you that that particular resort has an "outbreak" of Legionnaires! Really?
As a parent you:
A) Get the specific details of your daughter's itinerary and you cancel the reservation at the resort and the airfare. Regardless of cost.
B) You get the specifics and then you "counsel" your daughter so that she does the leg work on this, cancelling everything. (And you may or may not cover the cost).
C) You contact your physician asking about Legionnaires, the incubation period, risks, etc. Rest your own mind at ease and inform your daughter of your findings, and then counsel accordingly.
D) You allow your daughter to figure this all out on her own, make her own decision and cross your fingers when she goes.
E) You don't want to over react, but you do some research on your own, contact your doctor, contact the resort's headquarters and then advise your daughter a) not to go, or b) to go, but with caution.
F) 'E', but replace "you" with "your kid".
Note: You thank God that you even know about her Spring Break plans and you are even in the loop on any of this!
Also note: A-F requires time and listening. And A-F could be the responses to many an "issue" that comes up with our college age kids. "Mom, I've lost my iPhone somewhere in the snow!" "Mom, I've had a little car accident, no one is hurt, but the car...." Is that your problem or theirs? Or both of yours?
It's the end of January, if you haven't heard about Spring Break yet from your college kid, maybe you should ask?? Just a thought!

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