Monday, March 31, 2014

GenY Jobs in 2011

The holidays have been wonderful, lots of time with our kids and their friends. Inevitably there was much conversation about jobs and the future and as we noted earlier their enthusiasm remains strong.
I have been puzzling over what drives this confidence. Their conversations are about world economies, the green economy and changing demographics. Their generation is prepared for these new realities in a way that their predecessors were not. 
Today I read an article that brought all of my musings into focus. Yves Behar, an award winning designer discusses potential he see for redesign of large industrial and retail systems to meet market expectation of sustainability and efficiency. He draws a parallel to the sweeping changes and innovation which followed World War II. 
I believe it is the GenY generation which will both drive and execute this revolution. So like my kids and their friends I am expecting 2011 to be a terrific year.
Happy 2011, Jean

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