Monday, March 31, 2014

E Readers and Parenting?

The holidays are all around us and that means lots of advertisements. This year the hot item is the e-reader. Nook, Kindle, iPad etc. These are the must have gifts for everyone from pre teens to grandparents. Each device has its advocates and its advantages. 
For twenty somethings it may be the iPad. We each have sons who are devoted to their iPads and rely on them for magazines, newspapers and their connection to the world. Others find the Kindle the perfect way to travel with a 'box' of books and never fear being without something to read.
The new and perhaps unexpected user is the younger student. Recently we've heard conversations from parents buying e-readers for their pre-teens. There are two emerging trends driving this market to young readers. One is an increase in the volume and quality of reading when using an e-reader. The other is when students use an e-reader which is not internet enabled they stay focused on the book rather than the distractions of the internet.
As parents we are always supportive of new ideas to engage our kids in learning and reading. Again technology is the game changer.
And a double bonus is your local public library (or netLibrary) and the ability to read eBooks for FREE! Go to your public library's website with your library card in hand, plug in your card number and away you go. You'll be amazed how many eBooks are available for your kindle, nook, iPad, Sony eReader...whichever eReader you may have. More and more libraries are making these eReaders available to members too. (Also audio books for free). The "catch"(if you'd call it that)? You have a limited time frame to have the eBook.
For the Moms who are buying those e-readers the go to device may be the smart phone. We can download a Nook or Kindle app and always have a book, plus a phone, plus our email and a camera, (moms always need a camera). So we are ready for whatever happens.

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