Monday, March 31, 2014

No More Landlines! How Do We Stay Connected To Our Kid's Sig Other?

Most of you reading our blog probably remember making phone calls and not knowing who would answer. With cell phones that randomness has disappeared and with it unplanned but often pleasant points of contact.
 I began thinking about this when a friend mentioned that she misses land lines as a way to connect with her grown children's spouses. With cell phones when she calls her daughter her son in law never answers and so she losses the opportunity to have a casual conversation with him. She could of course just call him but one feels there needs to be reason to make that call. 
Gone also is having one's school age children receive calls at home from their friends. I enjoyed speaking briefly with my kids' friends and it was another way to keep track of who was in their lives. Also gone is the need for courage on the kid's part to make that call and risk reaching a parent and not their friend. 
Cell phones are a reality so I think I need to find new ways to interact with my kids' significant others. I'd love to hear how others find a way to say, "Hi, how are you?"

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