Monday, March 31, 2014

A summer internship, so far so good!

The internship has started! So far so good. Not only does our son A) have an internship, B) in his area of interest, geology... but he's also getting paid! WooHoo!
It's the summer between junior and senior year and the "pressure" these kids feel to get an internship is very real. They've been hearing from their older peers that getting an internship in an area of interest is a great way to test the waters, to see if this might be something they'd like to do after graduating, but we've all been reading the papers, and internships and jobs are hard to come by. Not impossible though.
He spent most of his junior year working on this. Depending on course load and lacrosse, the time spent, ebbed and flowed, but he kept at it. He started out making a list of people:
he knew
his parents knew
or his friends' parents in an area of interest.
Then he started contacting them: phone calls, emails and eventually some face to face informational interviews. He went to meetings organized on campus within his department where alumni were speaking...anytime someone mentioned that he should contact so and so, I have to hand it to him, he'd contact so and so! He admitted that initially this networking stuff was tough to do, but once he started and he realized people were genuinely interested in speaking with him, he found it easier to pick up the phone or write the email. And it paid off!
His first day was spent getting the lay of the land, doing some filing and shadowing, and by the end of the day, his boss invited him to go into the field. His first "business trip."
His phone call last night was filled with enthusiasm about the job, about the apartment in the city, about the summer and the potential! He and one of his roommates were scoping out work-out spots and trying to figure out where the nearest grocery store was. They both were talking on phones to their Moms, sharing their first days, laughing, sharing with each was a kick to hear about this new adventure. I could tell he was happy!

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