Monday, March 31, 2014

We're invited! A "pot luck" vacation!

The second year in a row!
There's a timeframe when we parents are either asked or we suggest that our kids invite a friend along when we go somewhere. Quite frankly, it can make life easier if your child has a friend with them, right? Then there's a time when your kid, mostly the college age crowd, wants to take vacation with their friends and NO parents, think Spring Break or the backpacking sojourn through Europe after graduation.... Well, when our Gen Yer takes her valuable vacation time and actually invites us to join her and her friends?!.....bonus! 
And this isn't with expectations of providing anything other than company. OK, maybe pitch-in-help in the kitchen, but after last year's experience, not much. It's great to be included!
These kids actually love the togetherness of preparing meals as a group, cleaning up as a group, playing games as a group....corn holebeirut (beer pong), croquet, bocce ball...just spending time together. Love the "everybody pitch in and help mode." It's a great way to vacation. Everyone has fun! 
These Gen Yers also bring food, beverages, sports equipment..they've got this nailed. There are emails with lists generated as to who's bringing what, carpooling, time of departure and it's wayyyy in's very organized, very impressive. It's a "pot luck" vacation!
Where did they learn this stuff?   :)
Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, so maybe next "family" vacation, I'll take a page from my 20something's book!

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