Monday, March 31, 2014


Have you noticed when your twenty somethings move, it seems that all of their peers are moving at the same time?
Of course they've gotten on this moving schedule because most graduated from college at roughly the same time and then they got jobs and moved into cities. The summer or September seem to be the months. So if they move into an apartment, live there for a year or two or three and then want to change their living situation for whatever reason, the moving cycle continues.
This just happened to our kids. It seemed that a whole group of friends decided it was time to switch it up (they'd been out of college for several years); some wanted to move in with significant others, some wanted to just have one roommate and not 5, some went off to grad school, others just got out of graduate school, there were all kinds of reasons. Since the first of the month fell mid week, lots of these Gen Yers had to take days off, or negotiate with the new landlords to be able to move in a few days earlier. UHauls were hard to come by, so Enterprise vans got used. Since everyone was moving themselves, it was difficult to help each calls and texts of frustration were abundant. Of course it was hot as you know what...late nights of packing up boxes or hefty garbage bags...and when the final moving day came, it was a 12 hour day easily. Of course they wanted their cleaning deposit back, so as soon as they'd moved their stuff into the new place, no unpacking, it was back to the old place, cleaning, repairing, caulking and painting.
I heard about all of this in a couple of texts and then a debrief the next day. Senses of humor were waning. I have to admit, I was happy not to be there in the midst. After all, this is a rite of passage. Wouldn't you agree? God knows, we've moved a ton and, thanks, but no thanks, they're on their own.
After a couple of weeks, I got to venture down to take a look at the new digs and what a great job! And added bonus, spirits were much higher. it reminded me of going to visit them at college after their freshman year. I helped with the move in freshman year, but after that they each have been on their own. I know, I know, the meanest Mom award. haha  Actually, each of them and their dorm or apartment/house setups were great and they did it all themselves! 

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