Monday, March 31, 2014

Graduation Gifts: Top Ten Ideas

Your Gen Yer is graduating from high school, college or grad school... some good ideas: (In no particular order)
1)  $$ good cold CASH! (Not gift cards)  Kids put it in the bank. Suggest a money market account or a CD. It's amazing how it can add up and then they can cover concerts, weekend excursions, skiing, spring breaks, movies...whatever!
2)  iTunes gift cards: legal music, iBooks, etc.
3)  College bookstore giftcard. A nice thought, it takes a little more time to go to the website and jump through the hoops getting the giftcard: the grad can use it for books, sweatshirts, stuff they actually want or need.
4)  Fleece throws, have them monogrammed for that personal touch, or buy them in the school's color.
5)  Timbuktu bag 
6)  Roller suitcase, flight attendant size so it doesn't have to be checked.
7)  Portable disc drive, so they can back up there computers (novel idea, I know) (fyi: be sure the disc drive you buy is correct: PC or Mac) or for a less expensive option, pen drives so they can easily transport/back up photos, papers.
8)  Digital camera (Canon powershot or Nikon Coolpix, both good options).
10)  Starbuck's gift card (who doesn't enjoy a little indulgence?) 

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