Monday, March 31, 2014

Holidays, Significant Others and Complications

Holidays are special for most families. For GenY parents the holidays are an opportunity to spend time with our grown kids. However complications may arise when your kids bring home significant others to also share this family time.
We love spending time with our kids but we may be a bit cranky when we first learn that we won't actually have them to ourselves. Vacation times from college are limited and in the working world even more so. Our kids are tugged in two directions wanting time at home and time with the special person in their life. As parents we also are pulled in multiple directions wanting time with our kids and wanting to get to know the people who are now in their lives. Once our kids go to college or leave home to work we may not meet someone they're dating for months or even years.
So everyone flexes a little and makes room for the new person at the table. Then there is the good news-bad news moment when you discover that you really like Susie's boyfriend or Johnny's latest girlfriend. The more time they spend with you the more they become part of the family, good news. Until Susie or Johnny breaks up with them and they are no longer part of the family, bad news. The ebb and flow has meant that we try to be welcoming but not to get too attached. We have not always been successful, we do miss some of those who have moved on. 
So enjoy whoever is at your Thanksgiving table. 

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