Monday, March 31, 2014

Saying Thank You

Summertime and our kids are coming and going, often with friends along to enjoy our summer home, beaches, boats and sunshine. We love having everyone here, especially the long conversations around the table, some serious, others very silly. We talk about the world, the World Cup, politics, jobs, who knows how to row a boat and who doesn't, college, graduate school, and who is going to clean the kitchen. 
All of these GenYers are full of life, ideas and energy. Sometimes a quieter conversation with one or two people will focus on job aspirations, suggestions of people to connect with and requests to please put them in touch with so and so. When we do make a contact and send an introduction on someone's behalf we, like other Baby Boomers have expectations. Like wise when we welcome people into our home for a dinner or a weekend there are expectations. Following through on introductions and sending thank you's for hospitality are expected. 
In fairness to the GenYers there may sometimes be confusion or awkwardness about how to thank someone who is older and perhaps your friend's parent. Saying thank you will never be the wrong choice, saying nothing is far riskier. 
Consider sending this along to your son or daughter, it is a simple sentiment from a recent ad for Tiffany & Co.
"A Good Guest
Arrives slightly late. And leaves on time.
A good guest brings energy and charm and a small present.
All good guests write thank you notes."
Remind them of the thank you notes you had them write to their grandparents for their birthday gifts. Whether with email or paper those rules still apply. Someone does something nice for you, let them know you appreciate it.

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