Monday, March 31, 2014

Fourth of July and Gen Yers

The wonderful long weekend is just about here and it's interesting to note how our Gen Yers are approaching it. Of course the invitations have been extended that whatever we (the parents) are doing, our kids are welcome to join us. But did they really need or expect an invitation? Nah, it's their assumption that they're included and of course they are! But as they weigh their various options and other invitations, thinking about what seems to be their "best offer"... Mom and Dad get dumped. Ok, maybe not totally dumped (I know they'll read this) but they prefer to hang with their cronies. Who doesn't?
What's interesting is that they still are thinking about holiday rituals and creating their own, or replicating some of what we've done as a family over the years. For example: "Mom, what's the recipe for that flag cake, with the blueberries, raspberries, or sometimes strawberries?" or "Mom, will you pick up sparklers for me?" (They're legal here). Then off they go to the lake or someone's house with a pool. But not all Gen Yers. They seem to reach an age in their later 20somethings when they decide that hanging with the parents isn't so bad and as a matter of fact is fun. Or is it that it's free? hmmmmmm........
Then there are those 20somethings that get invited to their girlfriend's (or boyfriend's) family home for the weekend. I've got a friend that says that any significant other that is invited to Cohasset for the Fourth of July's serious... and that sig other is being "checked out and evaluated by all family members."   :)
It was Sunday night dinner for me.
We've got a "tradition" of getting together with several families, some that we see all year long, others that we see only during the summer, and others we see only on the fourth...and we BBQ, long walks, go for swims, for boat rides, play volley ball, and watch the fireworks over the water. Ain't we lucky!   :)
For years it would include all of our kids, and as they hit college age it would be one or two of them, joined by friends or significant others and for the last couple of years, now that two are college age and two are in the "real world" it's none, or could it be that we have three sons? Interesting. I suspect it'll change and you know what? It's OK. I love the debrief after the weekend to hear what they did and how they spent their Fourth.
I guess what I love most is the creating of ritual, the interest in continuing the traditions, but also adding new ones, the ebb and flow of new people to the BBQ, sig others or friends, catching up with the kids of our friends that have been off to college, grad school, new jobs, new marriages, hearing their stories, their tales of the last year....the fourth!  Have a good one!

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