Monday, March 31, 2014

Graduation Day, No Tears

This past Sunday our youngest graduated from college. When our oldest child graduated ten years ago I confess to some tears as well as with subsequent graduations. Walking across the stage to receive a diploma is a moment of intense emotion, pride, anxiety, hopes and regrets for both parents and graduates. However after ten years and four graduations I think I have gained some perspective and Sunday was pure pleasure.
Watching our kids and our neighbors and family and friends it has become clearer that our kids will be fine. The pathways will be as different as the individuals, the variety is spectacular and thrilling: waiting tables, starting companies, graduate school, teaching school, traveling the world, moving home, changing jobs, losing jobs, creating jobs, getting married, having children, caring for grandparents, the list is infinite. The constant is that they are looking and trying and changing and growing and we all benefit from the process.
The Pulitzer Prize winning author Elizabeth Strout spoke at graduation, her message to the graduates was, 'you will be fine', the choices are yours, make them and move ahead. Sunday's New York Times echoed this theme in an article in the magazine, The Why Worry Generation, suggesting that the confidence and optimism of the Generation Y serves them well in these economic times.
Whether it is the times in which they have lived or our parenting Generation Y is moving boldly into our world. I find myself smiling and believing that indeed all will be well.

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