Monday, March 31, 2014

I Love FaceTime! I love Skype!

I love FaceTime, Skype or Google video! It's the next best thing to being there! I just got off Skype with my son who's studying in Italy. It's great, he gave me a tour of his apartment, I met his roommates, a shot of what he sees from his window, and I get a visual of him all via his laptop. I've done the same with my son in Colorado and my son in California. 
As a Mom, having that visual of your kid makes all the difference. you know, you want to be sure they're eating.  :)
But what's especially nice is getting to see their environment. I had a tour of my son's house off campus: "this is my room, this is the kitchen...." "open the fridge, I want to see what's in there!" He did, I saw, and I'm pleased to say that there were veggies, some cheese, OK, beer, but it wasn't too bad. The tour continued, with visuals of the 5 other housemates, their rooms, the back "yard" (that needs a little TLC)...     :)
My eldest son shared business ideas from screen to screen. Very cool.
Our eldest FaceTimes with us often so we can see our first grandson. It's awesome! iPad to iPad and there he is. He definitely recognizes us because of FaceTime!
I know this isn't new to some of you, but for those Moms of Gen Y that have not entered into the world of FaceTime or Skype, I highly recommend it! 

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