Monday, March 31, 2014

Packing up and moving out...'til next semester

"Mom, remind me next year to be the first one out of my dorm room. It sucks being the last one out: You're picking up after everyone else, repairing the holes in the wall, returning the cable box, even though you don't have a TV, throwing out trash and then there still is that one sneaker or that old T shirt in a ball under the bed, dust balls EVERYWHERE.... and outside of the dust balls, this stuff isn't even mine!" "Gross."
Don't you just love that? Well, the good news is that as a parent, I learned a couple of kids ago, that my Gen Yer is packing up and moving out without Moms help.  :) They're on their own to navigate these waters.
Some thoughts on how they might make it easier on themselves:
First, don't wait until after the last final and hours before the dorm has to be vacated. I have heard (hilarious) stories about kids just chucking stuff out the doors onto the front lawns, throwing stuff into the back of cars, complete disarray...
I know, I say this, but inevitably, it's procrastination-city and it's the last minute push. Trust me: if you start packing and taking things off the walls. selling your books back to the bookstore a couple of weeks before you HAVE to be out, you'll be so happy you did!
side bar: There was a business that popped up at Bowdoin that relied on this procrastination and this "chucking" mentality of students. I wonder if in this economy they're still in business? Are kids less likely to throw out perfectly good stuff just because they've run out of time?
Second, reserve a storage unit with a friend. There are many storage facilities available if your college doesn't have any and sharing a unit with a buddy makes good economic sense, not to mention some moving help for each other.
One thing I did not know was the ability to be able to store your car in these facilities. A friend's daughter is headed abroad next year for the whole year. She lives in Hawaii and goes to school in Maine. She brought her car to the local VIP, told them she was storing her car for the year and they prepared the car accordingly. I don't dare say what they did to it, because I really am not sure, but they seemed to know what to do. 
Third, storing your stuff in plastic boxes and duffle bags rather than hefty garbage bags helps you avoid little creatures making their nests out of your comforter.
Store your electronics carefully. You'll want to be aware of the heat factor. Those units tend to get really hot in the baking sun of summer and the survival of some of your things is compromised. Think about that before you store it.
Fourth, once you disassembled your room, taken the stuff off the walls, take an inventory. A trip to the local hardware store or Home Depot may be in order. You (and your parents) want that room deposit back!
And remember, most airlines seem to be charging for luggage, so don't bring it all home because you think it's easier...plan ahead, store it, because you probably still have shorts in the drawer at home!


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