Sunday, April 19, 2009

Senior year, Spring Quarter, high school...

I sure remember this time, do you?
Well, sitting in the parent seat is a wee bit different. My kids will tell you that my 'Mom line", "do you think I was born yesterday?" Is one of those comments where they'd pause for a minute and really think before they said anything...and they sure as heck better be telling me the truth. :) I'm getting ahead of myself...

Observations: Spring quarter senior year is one of those quarters where we hold our breath, keep our fingers crossed and may even pray...those little darlings of ours push the envelope this time of year and if they don't either you're not paying attention, they've got you fooled or you have been truly blessed with an angel! What do I mean by pushing the envelope? Well, it's spring! The snow is gone, the crocuses are up, daylight is longer (thank God!), the birds are chirping and everyone seems to be feeling a little more "robin red breasted". :) You get my drift. Hormones are moving and grooving and our seniors have all heard from their various colleges; decisions have been made, checks have been mailed, stickers on cars, new college T shirts are donned....and "nothing can stop us" seems to be the mantra. "We are invincible," is another one. Hold onto your hats, should be our mantra! This is the time when it's the last....everything. The last game, the last prom, the last musical, the last time I'll get to be with my friends, the last assembly, the last class...the last....If you've had a curfew for your kid, say midnight, "the last" whatever is the classic plea to be allowed to stay out later or to even go. Those big puppy dog eyes pleading with you that they just have to be allowed to stay out all night after prom, "everyone gets to, I can't possibly be the only one who isn't, I'm going to college soon! Mom, please!" Well, you might just acquiesce. I did. They had a point. But that doesn't mean that I didn't hold my breath!

I would be the Mom that called the parents of the home they were allegedly going to, I'd also be the Mom that had yet another "talk" about making good choices, I'd also be the Mom that would tell each of them that no matter what, they could call me anytime of night and I would come and pick them up, no questions asked. Sleep? When do we get to sleep? Certainly not through the night and I'm afraid that's the case every time they come home for vacations or weekends or summers for.....I don't know, ever?!? Geeze, I hope not. But until they're 21, there's angst. And even then, there's angst. But back to senior year.

As we know, they're not invincible and if they do make a poor choice, there are consequences. And depending on the infraction those consequences ratchet up quickly: Be it with their parents, the school or the law. When the school and the law get involved, some of these poor choices can really impact their not going to the college they had planned on, having the infraction on their record, serving time, etc. Not good. Why does everything take on a little clearer edge at this time, well, because most of these seniors are now 18 and that means they are adults. I don't know if it made much of an impression, but I did have that discussion with each of my kids as they celebrated their 18ths, nice Mom, huh?

Hopefully, we've laid a pretty good foundation and they WILL make good decisions. But what with "senior pranks", "senior skip days" and all of that wonderful timeless stuff...we will hold our breath, cross our fingers and maybe even pray!
I KNOW my mother did and I sure did and I expect my kids will too when they're parents...

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garrett said...

BEPPPPPPPP!!! You are the best parents ever. You have 3 pieces of evidence of that! Actually, Ill even include Brett as evidence :) 4 pieces of evidence!!!


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