Saturday, March 14, 2009

Reactions from the Peanut Gallery

OK, we all have them...the Peanut Gallery...those loved ones that 'chime in' about anything or everything you're doing.  Well, my Peanut Gallery has been reacting to my blogging and here's a sample of some of their reactions:
"HAHAHA.  First of all, I'm VERY impressed that you figured out how to start a blog.  Second, I really don't want my problems displayed all over the Internet.  As you always said to us, don't say anything you wouldn't want on the front page of the newspaper.  Third of all, I just told two friends and they said "Great, she can be part of our mom bloggers tours."  I must say I do like your URL, that's impressive and I can't believe it hasn't been taken!  OMG, I can't believe you're blogging!  What are you going to blog about?"-kid
"Mom!  That's awesome!  Write like you talk and it will be great!~"-kid
"HAHAHAHA....really?  Mom, what are you doing?  Are you kidding?  First Facebook and now blogging?  You're SO happening!  HAHAHAHA"-kid
"That's great Mom."  Followed by an email with a link to a "branding" site.  And I'm very appreciative, this is a steep learning curve for this Baby Boomer!
"Yuck, I don't like this.  I feel like it's spying..."-sib (fellow Boomer).
"I'm proud of you!"-husband, yes, there is one....several comments have included that I 'look' like a single mom.  Nope, happily married for 27 years!
My bff sent along the link to the "Meet the Millennials" site, really interesting demographic stuff, and shared in a neat way.  Thank you!
Now I'll confess, "the word" is not really out, but it's seeping out.  What with all of this interconnectedness, seeping is a good way to describe it.  So the Peanut Gallery will no doubt be chiming in as the days unfold.  So chime away! 

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