Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's Fall!

Fall really starts a new year. For me, that back-to-school timing conjures up the start of something, much more than January 1st does.

I can really feel that new year energy from my kids too. All summer there are varying conversations about the weekends and vacations, and where they're going, who they're going with, but now you don't hear that that much. Instead, it's more future focused conversations. Not my future (why is that?), theirs.

From my college kids I'm already hearing about possible jobs or internships for next They're actually thinking about this stuff! There's talk about majors or trying a class in a new department taught by a professor that they've heard good things about. Really? You mean they actually listened to that tidbit of advice way back when? They're plotting and planning who they want to see and what they want to do over the Christmas break, who they might talk to about an internship or job. I didn't hear any of this stuff over the summer. One of my son's suggested that he was thinking about this stuff "probably because friends of mine here are talking about it." Now this is the kind of peer pressure I like! :)

From my already graduated kids (there's something about the term "college graduate" that makes me think of "The Graduate," sorry, I digress) I'm hearing about how things are revving up at work, business jaunts to NYC (oh, my little executive), new promotions to create....I'm hearing about writing business plans, taking tests for graduate school, lots of new business ideas always percolating...

There's loads of energy! I'd love to bottle this and sell it! I love this time of year!

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