Friday, May 14, 2010

Exciting news, We've Moved!

I'm a dot com!
I'm moving over to!
My daughter, who's in PR told me that being a dot com is more "meaningful" than being a blogspot. Who knew? I'm sure Google has something to say about that. But I'm giving it a try. A dear friend is joining me, so our blog entries will be a little more frequent and she'll be chiming in on being a Mom of Gen Yers' topics (in her own voice) too.
We'll also be adding to the website... a "book" that we've been working on, on parenting these Gen Yers. You know what I've said, "once a mom, always a mom"! We're going to do that in installments, think "Great Expectations!"
Our website is still under construction, this learning curve has been pretty steep, but I have to say, the folks in customer service of these sites have been incredibly patient and helpful for us neophytes! Thank you and!
Some people ward off Alzheimer's with Bridge and Soduko, we're warding it off learning social media, setting up blogs and websites! It's fun!
So please check us out at:
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